Peveco | Portes et Fenêtre PVC Bois Aluminium Annemasse Ville-la-grand 74 Haute-Savoie

Porte Aluminium

The construction of the windows and doors system with thermal barrier MB-70HI is based on well-proven, well developed and highly appreciated base systems MB-70. The thermal insulation performance of frames of this system is considerably higher than the insulation performance of base systems. The value of heat transfer coefficient Uf for constructions of the MB-70HI system - depending on the applied profiles and accessories – ranges between 1.11 and  2.3 W/m2K. Enhanced thermal insulation performance is achieved due to placing special insulating inserts in the central insulating chamber, formed by connecting aluminium profiles with thermal breaks. Thus formed inserts reduce heat transfer  through this chamber  due to low value of heat transfer coefficient. The central location of inserts additionally limits convection and thermal radiation. The MB-70HI doors and windows, just like in the case of the  base system, find application both in individual assemblies and in aluminium facades.

Catalogue fournisseur (large choix de panneaux de portes)

En construction

Aluminium colours (180 RAL colours)

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